Thread for the daily mass shooting


Just so relieved this guy had access to guns! NRA – keeping us safe from senseless violence!


I was thinking of starting a Petition on Change.Org to name Colin Kaepernick as the Grand Marshall of the Dear Leader Military Appreciation Day Parade. is it a hassle to set up a petition, anyone know?


I’ve never done it, but I know some dumbasses who have, so I think it’s not so bad. I’ll sign that petition!


If I was one of them congress or senate people I would invite Colin to hang out with me at the parade



You can merge my post on a previous thread onto this one.:slightly_smiling_face:


The shooter was an outcast who loved and talked about guns and was n the ROTC.


Another Trump supporter gone wild…


one school shooing every 60 hours average

Trump hate spreading is what did this



NRA has nothing to do with it


Uh huh





Bull shit.



Nothing promotes responsible gun ownership like trying to get people to buy a gun for completely unrelated reasons.

Take note, BD6.


Actual White House Memo on how to react to mass shootings.



That is accurate beyond belief.