Thread for the daily mass shooting


Drafting is mech drawing - hand stuff don’t matter


My grade 9 math teacher was an elderly Hindu man. He kept his classroom HOT and he definitely smelled like you’d expect an old Indian man to smell. You throw a room full of smart ass kids and it gets ugly. It would be often to see a cow or the word “moo” written on this chalk board. Boys would mock his accent as they walked by. Sometimes they’d even throw food in his spotless class room.

I’ll tell you, that mother fucker didn’t bat an eyelash. He’d silently shut his door, throw the food in the trash, and erase the board and for that, he earned our respect.


You know, yesterday’s shooting in KY was the ELEVENTH school shooting of 2018. And it’s January 24, so that’s only just about three weeks of school since the semester break.

Also, two of the eleven were in elementary schools. And neither the prez nor anyone in his admin have had a single thing to say about any of them.


It’s a minor risk.


This is what would have happened in my ninth grade school if they did that to a teacher


That’s a tragedy!


It’s the way it shud be -

order - ya can’t learn without order

yer condoning people who make fun of a teacher - throw food - and then praise the teacher for taking it



Jesus christ - in ninth grade they were 27 fucking hall monitors making sure everything was orderly between classes and that was fucking public school


I didn’t condone anything. I praised my Ghandiesque teacher for his self control and self respect which I admired.

And school shootings aren’t the way it should be!




A man who shot and killed four people in a jealous rage and then tried to kill himself posted an eerie comment on one of his victim’s Facebook page before the murders.

William Scott Porterfield, 27, Chelsie Lou Cline, 25, Cortney Sue Snyder, 23, and Seth William Cline, 21, were shot early Sunday morning at a car wash in Pennsylvania.



Damn. No one even cares at all anymore, we’re so used to this shit.

Anyway, his girlfriend said he was in love with guns. If guns are your passion, isn’t the ultimate rush to kill something/someone with the guns? I mean, that’s their purpose.


No, there are gun collectors who never fire a shot -

I dunno, what goes thru yer head sometimes

Just cause you collect bells does not mean you have to ring them

Help L_B - it’s out there - avail yerself

But he used to leave a case of beer on her car hood


I think a vast majority of collectors shoot at least some of their guns


But the NRA keeps making it hard to track them - right

I crack myself up - srsly


Not sure what you are getting to, but it’s a different topic


I was makin fun - L_B sez the NRA keeps folks from tracking murder stats, so why not this

fun - get it?



Teh topic was conspicuously absent from SOTU last night as well.


Of course it was. He doesn’t want his base to go ballistic.