The Sad State of Pro Basketball


Interesting series, fer sure.


I predict it will end with the eventual winner scoring the most points in Game 7. It will not go 8.


You got that irght, I can’t remember the last time a series ever went 8.




Boston back on top starting the 4th. Hang on, Celts, hang on.

James fouls Tatum 3 times on one play and Tatum gets called. League looking for the rubber series, which is where I lose interest.

…another bullshit call on Tatum. Fuck this.

Why the fuck is Rosier still shooting?


Fckn LB!


This Curry kid, he’s pretty good, huh?


Well if Harden’s boys are gonna attempt and miss a playoff record 27 treys in a row, they might lose.


Just about 6 months to the start of the NCAA season. See you back here on the Basketball board then when I will have interest in the goings on.


LOL, Pwnt!


Wrestling be realer than NBA.


But if it was really fixed, wouldn’t it be an LA Team V. The Knicks every year?





Consult local listings for channel and time.


It’s Official, Portland going to the finals next yar.


Q: Who shot JR?

A: JR.

PS: After further consideration I changed the answer to mean the same thing.


Would you like a cookie?


Is it true what I heard about that other board where losers go to lose?
Is it kaputski?



Are you a drifter? I have to admit to being something of a homeboy.