The Sad State of Pro Basketball


3:00 left in the 1st, King James has more points than the whole other team.

I think he mad.


He’s playing as well as ever. Mose time though, his team just watching.

When he’s hitting 3s and Free throws that’s a bad omen for his foes.
Looks like his mates are involved tonight.
Good games have been hard to find this playoff season.


Quite a blowout for the Cavs, Hope they don’t do to the Celts what they did to the dubs a couple years ago.


It’s all over for Cavs, unless the league has other things in mind. I’d hate to think that was the case.


I keep hearing Steph is in a slump, sorry not seeing it. Tonight anyway.

Ya gotta womder if OKC regrets giving up Harden, even tho I think it was a salary cap move as I recall.


Another nail-biter, I see.


For current trends to continue, The Celts need to out score LeBron by 50 points tonight.


Well how about a decent game regardless of who wins. Something watchable.


Agreed blow outs are boring even if its your team on top.


A meme? A mem? A mime?^tfw&


A barn burner. Lots of streaks and a heart attack finish.

Best of 3 now


Good game, this was one of those 50/50 games, where the Rocks just out hustled the Dubs when it mattered most, I think yuo can expect both teams to show up ready to play sportball next time.


Fukkin rockets

Fukkin Trevor Ariza

Call by LA Sportsballcasters


If Paul is gone the Rockets might as well be the Rockettes.

PS: Because, you know, how could small rocks beat the Warriors?


Celts getting a good and proper reaming. That one guy for Cleveland seems pretty good. Offensive boards and turnovers - Very often the game deciders.

…but let’s not count them out yet - shootin the punkin counts.
10 down after 3.
…but in the end an extra 15 or so possessions matters.


How about this scenario, Portland gives the well liked but under performing Meyers Leonard and former draft pick Evan Turner for Lebron James and The Cavs 1st round pick?


Game 7 GSW V. Houston, should be a veddy good game.


I do not know whether to think the second half tonight was a good very good half or a completely awful half of basketball. Maybe both, huh?


It was one of those games that could make a feller think WTF wazzat preordained, or some shit?

A tale of two halves.


Did you notice even in the closer game 5 - all of the quarters were suckily blowouts in their own right?