The Sad State of Pro Basketball


A simple “No” would suffice.


Like I said, just following the forms.


We were concerned that you might tire of hearing that all the time.


Scowe preeze.


GS a very good team. Let’s see how they fare against Houston.



Not from me. Houston is capable of great things.


Love the Dubs, but James Harden man. I dunno, but just for the Halibut I’ll stick with my Regional Left Coast Team.


Hardin and Paul.

GS looked like champions to me.
For the first time, I have to give James a lot of credit. Not that I think he can beat either team out west, but he’s carried his team singlehandedly.

Say - did I mention that I pulled the trigger on the Mishmi Takins? Awesome boots. So much so I’ve been toying with the idea of quitting work and backpacking across the US. But then I’m like nah - that’s just crazy. I’d stop by for a visit if I did though.



Are they ever going to have sportsball on the teevee agin?


I predict they will. Score!


Boston kicking ass at the half in Game 1. Up 26 :laughing:


Game 1 West:


Good game so far into the midway of the 2nd, I predict teh Dubs break it open and issue a tko in the 3rd round.


Close enough.
Why was Green not ejected for the unnecessary pushing etc on Harden?

I don’t see where Harden and Paul, good as they are, can beat GS. GS is far deeper.


Boston making it look easy. Could they challenge the West Champs? It’s starting to look like a Yes.


When Dubs lose, they like to lose big. Maybe they started looking ahead and thought they’d rather not be laid in the path of the Celtic buzz saw.


They showed Kyrie sitting in the stands a couple times, watching his team rolll to victory without him, against his old team, I imagined he was feeling like a bit of a dildo sitting there


You know sometimes it’s weird like that. The best chemistry and how the parts fit together can can take unexpected forms. I’ve been a Celtics fan since childhood - which is how I became a Rondo fan. They have always had a team play philosophy. It’s working now.


Yes, the old addition by subtraction thing. Like the Pels and wots his name