The Sad State of Pro Basketball


He did lead the league in assists in Sacramento. But the problem had been, in an extreme example, like - Carlyle in Dallas (may he burn in hell), completely squashing Rajon’s creativity. I think he’s found a home in NO.

Pels game - making a move. back to 9. 2:29 to going in the half.

T-up baby Green - LoLz
Moore’s 3 at the buzzer would have brought the house down. Big credits to the Pels. 61-54 at the half.

Refs fuckin up the game. Thanks refs, for fuckin up the game. :frowning:


You’ll git em next time!

Free Throws Pels 30, Dubs 18


First 5 minutes, dude. That told the story right there.

…as predicted, I might add.


Yes, thanks for acknowledging.


Mine. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Your hedgeworthy “could” is no match for my “foreseen”.


Yours? You mean every sportswriter on Earth. Oooo - Bold prediction. :roll_eyes:


The word “could” does not predict. See “will” for more information.


It “could” if the Dubs got out to a quick start and the Pels did not reject the opening (first 5 minute) run. They did not, and so it became the accurate predictor.

PS: Please learn to read and interpret the written word.

Wab is replying. What will he say?


I could be a millionaire tomorrow.

I could NOT be a millionnaire tomorrow.

Either way I can crow about how I predicted it.


You should bet on it. You might win a million.

PS: I am sure that anyone who CAN read understood that the first 5 minutes would only be a predictor if the Pels could not hang with the Dubs. Had they, it would have been anyone’s game from there.


I watched a game once where a team fell behind early in the 1st, and then went on to win the game in the 4th quarter, true story.


And I suppose you predicted that. Am I right?


Game 5 - 10:30 PM Eastern
go pelicans. :neutral_face:


They will go, all right.

It is foreseen.


But are you calling it?


I’ll need a score. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If that is your requirement, then clearly you predicted nothing earlier.

Good day, sir.


You are so perfectly confident, would you commit to never posting again if you are wrong?


I will answer that after the fact, much like your prediction claims flow.