The Pots need to be illegal, because the coloreds just can't handle it



Did he say that within the last 50 years? If so, holy fucking mother fucking shite.


Apparently just this past Saturday.


To be fair, lots of CONS live in the 1950s still.


50’s was a great time -

even most of the cons were civil


As long as you were white and swung pipe



He’s still a state rep, though. That’s terrifying.


What does “swung pipe” mean?


Had a penis


Ahhhh! Never heard that one before.


The metaphor is also heard in the phrase “laying pipe”


Kansastan will be one of the last states to allow it, way behind the times and on the wrong side of history… then these idiot states wonder why they’re broke ass and have no jobs, no IT, tech or anything that takes a brain.


Yes, except “laying pipe” also can refer to the #2 bodily function.


I recall a time in Boot Camp we were out on the “Grinder” ie the outdoor open area where we walked around in a rhomboid or maybe it was parallelograms at our Company Commanders discretion, anywho one day he barked out something at us along the lines of “I want every swinging dick to _____, hut!” I think I spent the next 5 minutes rolling that around in my noggin, “Swinging Dick wtf? ohhh i get it”


I first heard that in AIT. I was off duty, walking out of the PX when a WAC lieutenant marched a platoon of WACs by in formation. She was bitching at them, trying to shape them up, and they were a bit ragtag I’ll admit. The last thing I heard before they were outta earshot was, “There’s 22 miles of swingin’ dick on this base, and if you bitches don’t shape up you’ll not be seeing ANY of it this weekend.”