The Nerve of this Woman



What is wrong with her? She doesn’t realize that men are always raping even with their eyes. They should have to file an application to ask a woman out on a date because you know if they do they have already undressed them in their minds and started to assault them. She is obviously the product of repeated and long time abuse by men. :angry:
The backlash has begun.


Do you have any amusing hiking boot shopping anecdotes you’d like to share?


82.46 but that was just today.
Earlier today. Earlier today I should have mentioned.


Never heard of her.


Oh, please. Spare me the melting snowflake routine, cuck.


Only a man would know that


The #metoo movement would never have happened if men hadn’t been misbehaving for millennia. Blame yourselves, Jodi.


triggered ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


You are, indeed, dude. Can’t stand a few months of payback for centuries of bullshit.


What are you talking about, sir. I am denouncing her. DeNOUNcing her!


Oh, of course you are.


That’s right. I are. I soooo…ARE. :sneer


Do you have a boyfriend Jody? Or Girl friend - that’s ok too


I have made my preferences clear, Old Withered One.


Well, I don’t recall - and Old Withered could still bruise the back of your throat


Why don’t you go hiking with Jody in the swamp and try that out?


I bet you think only one of us would come back, or you want none to come back


If anyone saw Lotus out there it would prove the survival of the New Jersey Wild Chicken.


Rowr! Chick fight!


It’s Jersey Devil, not chicken - just some info