The Girl In The Supermarket


There is a young woman who works at my supermarket who is very pretty and very pleasant. I have known her for several years and I think of her as a friend, although not like a drinking buddy.

Anyway, I saw her today and I almost wished her a Happy V-day. Caught myself.:sweat_smile:

Happy Valentineā€™s Day to the ladies on the board.:heart_eyes:


Why didnā€™t you wish her one?


I wished her a Happy Valentineā€™s Day instead.:slightly_smiling_face:


Just ask her

When are we going to fuck?

Or if you wanna be more tactful

When are we going to enjoy each other

either of the two usually works


^^^10% of the time, it works 100%!


If thatā€™s true, then two tries an evening will do ya better than once a week.


This thread is worthless without pics. J/S


Good catch. Saying Valentine makes you look a lot less lazy.

Happy Valentineā€™s Day to you!


This was all perfectly innocent. I wished an elderly woman that works there a Happy Valentineā€™s Day as well. Do you want pictures?:grin: