The Day Before the Procedure


You must have no solid foods or dairy products
Clear liquid diet all day
No smoking 24 hours prior to the procedure
Start taking Dulcolax Bisacodyl tablets as directed below
Start Miralax solution as directed below



My sister just had that surgery on Monday. I tried calling her yesterday, but the moaning, sobbing and screams of agony were too much. You’ll be fine though.


Thank you for sparing us the TMI.


What, no alphabet soup?

How can you have a vowel movement?


Yeah, he might become inconsonant.


One can not be the mystery man while disclosing TMI, palamine.

… Drinking the Miralax solution now.


Boooombs Awaaaaay

a Rat Tat Tat Tat Tat Splat splat Splat SPLAT!


What are you having done?




No shit.

Is it a colonoscopy because I’m waiting for my turn :frowning:


Make sure they clean the scope if you aren’t first.


Yes shit


Well I hope your colonoscopy goes well. Maybe we can share war stories down the road.


Okay - but no pics. It happened even without pics.




An image of your face WOULD be a PI violation…


Good luck tomorrow Pedro, it’ll be over before you know it. And try to get some sleep tonight. I suggest a couple benadryls and a half bottle of scotch.


Yeah, drink up and shit the hay. And tomorrow, you can have the hair of the dog what shit you.


Remind me not to tell you guys when I’m going in hahhaa

Good luck Doc! Don’t take any shit from those medical “professionals”.

Oh and from what I’ve heard - Happy Farting!


All that for an ingrown toenail?


IKR? But it hurts like hell when he practices his on pointe movements