Thank CC that Sams club called at 7AM


To tell me an order was in

I did not wanna sleep anyway


I set my phones to not disturb me from this time to that time, unless it’s family. Everyone else can go to message.


It’s a landline - hard to do on mine


So’s mine, I bought these Panaonic cordless ones, they have what’s called “SETTINGS”. They know the time of day and you put in your phone numbers in and categorize them, and you can tell the phones not to ring at a certain time unless it’s a phone number in a certain category.

It’s, how would you say, stone cold smooth. And I bet you can get them at Sam’s club.


Yeah, that’s a fancy pants phone

I got AT&T cordless ones that work great and batteries are 3 bucks of ebay

they was cheap at the time


OK, then. You get to have Sams Club ring you awake early.


Suppose one of yer relatives gets throwed in jail and has to call fer bail from a jail phone or sich

then what -


Then it waits until morning.


So you wud let them rot in some foreign jail cause yer too sleepy to answer

I hope they are not reading this


The only people calling me asking for bail from a foreign country are scammers. You should be more careful.


My long-lost cousin, the Nigerian prince, needed bail money once.