Sunset, Pacific Coast Time, Take #Infiniti + 1


Click to embiggen for maximum oohs and aahs.


Fantastic. Are you taking these?


No, I wish I was, an old friend of mine does.


I think he’s shopping them just a bit. My pal up in Puget Sound has been posting similar pics…same colors and hues…but much less clarity due to haze and fog.


He could be, he made a pile of money in Real Estate over there in the boom years and likes spending it, so he probably has a pretty fancy camera with lots of filter modes and stuff.


KennyG from whom most of the coast pics i post are from.



mrsWab took this about a half hour ago.


Take # a lot


Along the Promenade in Nice this fine Saturday evening, after this shot we took a seat ourselves and enjoyed the view.



Nice looks nice.


Please tell me you’ve visited Maranello


Don’t think tehWabbit is a gear head.


:frowning: for shame.


You may learn in remedial geography at some point that Italy and France are not the same place.