Started walking in the mornings last week


Ya cud just go back to smoke tubes and save all that wear and tear to lose weight

the first one will have that extra special taste


yep gonna start smoking and doing meth, fuck this walking shit.


What you save on food will more then make up the money spent on meth


Notl to mention dental bills, later on.


Never cud understand meth - did it a few times and fucking hated it - Some of the crowd I ran with fucking loved it. I saw a guy change clothes 6 times in a hour on a camping.

I dunno why


Me and a few friends got into it a little bit, way back in the day, mostly to be able to be even louder and rowdier and able to consume more mass quantities of alcohol. But yeah the “real meth” heads mething out and staying up for days at a time, are creepy.


I did like 53 minutes this morning, got a little bit of a late start and it was getting hot out as soon as I left… there was a woman who had to be 60+ jogged by me today though and I swear this lady had the body of a fit 30 year old… amazing.


Yesterday I walked about 45 minutes with the girlfriend and then another 40 minutes or so by myself last night + mowed the yard yesterday.

It’s taking some mass off my gut and love handles already, a month or two of walking and my body should be looking great. I might increase it to 1.5- 2 hours a day for awhile.

Looks like I’m going to get rained out this morning, maybe I’ll get one in later.


maybe not, looks like the rain is clearing up, been taking the dog with me since I started, he can’t wait to go.


Don’t forget yer pepper spray


Did one hour and 40 minutes this morning, over 5 miles, walked the bike/walk path to the end of the trail.


How is it working out for doggy?


he loves it


hour and 17 minutes this morning, went the other direction on the path which I’ll probably never get to the end that way, and it goes into a busy park so there’s more people… probably stick to the other way… less people = better…




1:36 to walk to the end of the trail and back this morning… I was out the door at 6:30am.


Out the door at 6:05, back at 6:59… I’ve read an hour a day will take off 20lbs a year and I want to lose 25-30lbs, so I usually try to go for an hour and a half, more people on the trail on weekends though so I’ll probably only do an hour on the weekends and try to get out of the house earlier.

So most people on the trail are pretty friendly… good morning, that’s all… I’m fine with that and try to be friendly, a lot of older folks trying to stay healthy. But there are a few wannabe Chads on bikes who I’ve stopped saying good morning to and now give them a total alpha stare down. :slight_smile:


A pack of luckies a day would have avoided all this walking - ya could just have sat on the couch


Luckys is what I smoked until I could not stop coughing - then I threw them in the fucking trash



6:01am to 7:21am this morning, was ready to be done in a half hour but kept going.