So, today's mass shooting


In theBronx…committed by a physician with an AR and a grudge.

Early reports indicate he was a disgruntled ex-staffer at Bronx Lebanon Hospital… also a sex offender, domestic violence abuser, and felon.

You can’t make shit like this up. I wonder what the NRA will have to say about it.




This is why I have been a long time advocate of requiring Doctors to carry fire arms at all times.


Blood turns red when exposed to the air.


If weapons were banned, it wouldn’t matter…

He still illegaly had the weapon.

It’s almost like… criminals do criminal things :thinking:


I agree, if all Crazy people were armed we would all be more saferer.



How about common sense gun control?


I knew you were a gun grabber the first time I met you!



Another one:


What did those kids have Hillary?

But seriously, an obvious false flag op, to give Trump an excuse to head down to FLA for the weekend.