Seagull Guano


jeffhanson ist kaput.


Temporary or permanent?


Not sure, I’d guess perma.


Maybe @Billdo can chime in. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was banned.


The notice on his profile if you pull it up, says it’s a 100 year suspension.


It didn’t show that when I just pulled up his profile. But, I will take your word for it. Thanks for the info.


Maybe that info is only seen by admins, all i got was this.

This user is suspended.


Me too. No big deal though. It’s nice he’s gone. I was tired of his stalkerish behavior.


I checked the “Forever” option.


Yeah, the usual 25 year default just wasn’t good enough. :smiling_imp:


all the doom and gloom predicted…didnt happen.

like everything with you bozos.



lots of class shown by the prog leftists you celebrate.

grow up


Dear Leader says, Fuck your feelings Joe.


The irony is sublime.