Seagull Guano


don’t want to be separated, don’t cross the border illegally. the choice is theirs

Dining While Mitch McConnell At The Karma Kafe
I is takin the kiddies caving
My hed is beyond hurting
Intolerant lib (as usual) as adults kid then gets fired
One child separation case was a fake

Punishment don’t fit the crime. Else you can put ANYONE’S kid in jail for their parents’ crime, including TRUMP.

Be consistent or GTFO.


So if I commit a crime and go to jail, what happens to my kid. DOH!!


In your case Jeff, they probably wouldn’t fly your child half way across the Country.


Most people don’t go to jail for a misdemeanor. They get bail and are released until there is a trial.


I didn’t know entering a country illegally was a misdemeanor. you need to stop listening to your fake liberal media


What if it’s a felony?


What if seeking asylum was neither a felony nor a misdemeanor.?


What if it’s a lie and these separated families aren’t actually seeking asylum?


What if whoever gave you that idea was lying to you?


Do you think they just came up here to vote for HIllary after they die?


If it’s a felony charge, then the children should immediately go into a foster care situation until a relative can claim them.


There’s a lot you don’t know.


YOu need to read the law. We already settled this when Boro disagreed with me on this, and he was set straight. In fact both of the sources he brought in actually showed that I was right.


There’s this conservative lawyer I know, he debates a lot of issues with me. But one thing he does know is the law and agrees that the law says crossing the border illegally is a misdemeanor.

Some people simply don’t know what they’re talking about.



I don’t know why you fukkers give Jeff the time of day. He never seagulls in here with anything but a pound and a half of seagull guano, which he poops out by dribbles onto as many threads as he has time to NOT read.


seriously his liberal anger and arrogance worked out real well for him


you clowns really need to stop reading and listening to the fake news


So you want us to be more like you, and stop reading, and listen to fake news?