Remember I said to watch for sexual harrassment charges against a famous comedian?


Not Cosby?

Here they are.


Wonder why Cosby didn’t get the ball rolling?


I think in a way, he did.

Put a fork in Louis. He’s done.


No, Weinstein was the scapegoat. Now known as Jewgate, not mangate.


Maybe he was just hoping to get some free pizza.


How is Weinstein a scapegoat?


He’s a scapegoat in more than one sense. But the first sense, chronologically, is that he pissed a lot of MEN off by conducting himself so egregiously as to cause the light of notoriety to be shone on Hollywood. Thus, many other maggot MEN in the film business will blame him for the target that is now on THEIR backs too.


Scapegoat - a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency.

Is anyone actually blaming him for anything other than his own disgusting actions?


Yes. He is the flashpoint for the Hollywood Scandals. Every woman I know hates him even though they never met him and they don’t know any of his accusers personally.

I hate him enough over Rose McGowan’s accusations to castrate him fifteen times.


I think flashpoint is more apt than scapegoat, not to steal any of Cosby’s sunshine for his work in shedding light on this practice.


Yeah but who is blaming him for their actions? I see him getting roasted for what he’s allegedly done but I’m not seeing him being blamed for the faults of others.


You’re being too literal with your definition, which is historically correct but does not adequately reflect the way usage has changed over the past couple of decades.

Personally I don’t consider Weinstein to be a scapegoat but he IS a poster child and whipping boy and fall guy, so I will not argue with “scapegoat” if people want to use it.


I think we need to be MORE exacting with the application of words because there seems to be this attitude that definitions are fluid when they really aren’t.

In your definition, the word “unmerited” is present and that doesn’t fit either. He’s earned his negative treatment and I don’t see others accused using him to justify their shitty behaviour. I also don’t see him as a fall guy. He’s just the first big one to get his ass busted and he won’t be the last.


Hardly unmerited.


Louis CK: The stories are all true.


I have to give him props for stepping up, admitting it, apologizing, and willingness to own his shitty behaviour.


Yes. It puts him a bit ahead of the other sleezeballs.


It’s a start in the right direction.


Calling these assaults “upsetting experiences” is so terribly euphuistic.

I think Apatow’s description is more fitting:


I’m going to be honest - I’m struggling with calling these assaults. I don’t think jacking off on the phone is an assault nor do I think masturbating in front of someone is either. I think to assault, you have to actually touch someone but I’d have to consult a dictionary (legal or otherwise) for the actual definition. I don’t want to apply a term that doesn’t actually fit.