Quit smoking tobacco


Haven’t cheated, but I could totally smoke up like a half pack of cigs right now.


Oh nos

just don’t

it will taste like ya filled yer mouth with dogcrap anyway


The thought of smoking a cigarette actually makes me feel sick.


The worst part for me was that I constantly had images popping into my head of lighting one up. I did find that if I went to sleep that when I woke up my cravings would be less, not more.


Sometimes I’ll just start to go through the motions of getting one… in about 40 minutes it will be a week without a cig for me, craving them less but still craving them, bad at times.


Hang tough, it will get better as the new habits take hold.



I’m already feeling healthier in just a week, could still go for a cig about now though!


Have you noticed any improvement in smell and taste?


I haven’t, his posts still stink and are awkward.


Mother fuckers at the shoppers pay 80 bucks a carton

fuck - that a nice vacation if ya do that every week

4000 grand a year for not even a heavy smoker


A carton a week is not heavy? That’s like 30 cigs a day.


Smoking cost me about $1.00 a pack.


Gained 8lbs so far, can’t stop snackin, holy fuck…


It’s the oral fixation. See if dicksucking helps.


I think I’d take smoking back up first.


I only smoke these, image

They’re all Natural n shit, and they have an Indian Head on the Pack, so you’re essentially healthier after smoking them.

Check Mate, Health nuts!


Those are awesome, Bro. Sometimes I smoke 'em myself. Because of the nic load, I only need about 3 tokes…so I cut the pack in half and get 40 smokes instead of 20 making it cost less.


I rarely ever finish one, I just leave one in the ashtray outside and occassionaly go out and have a few puffs.


I’d like to see if I could just smoke like one a day, that would be great… just one a day…