Peyote vs. alcohol?


Peyote is native to Northern Mexico and Southern Texas. Overall, Native American populations tend to have a higher rate of alcoholism, more than twice the national average. In contrast, those populations who regularly use peyote, such as the Native American Church members of the Navajo Nation, have extremely low rates. They claim the peyote keeps them sober and healthy, and after his years of research, John Halpern suspects they are correct.


Lady accidentally overdoses on the lsd’s by a factor of 550 and loses 3 dress sizes!


I was in Mexico in November. I took a tour from San Miguel de Allende to Guanajuato. The guide drove the van, and 3 ladies from the Bay Area were along. The guide was a really nice guy and knowledgeable. On the drive, he explained all the tours he offered. One was an over night Peyote chant out in the campo. He went on to say it was one of his most popular tours. When I go back, I’m gonna look into it.


the weed biz looks all played out, out here, race to the bottom, the next big thing is psilocybin mushrooms already decriminalized in Oakland.


My dispensary bro, is telling me for growers the big money is in cbd/hemp right now, 3-1 earnings wise. So you might explore that with your inhouse customers.


we have plenty of cbd products on hand