No waiting while Black - even whites were going WTF?



One does not order black coffee in a Starbucks.


Well duh, it’s all burnt, peeps!


Dangit, I meant to phrase that ‘coffee black’ like they do in the Atlantic Regions. It would have had more pun. Or is it double entendre’? I’ll let the audience decide, pick you your remotes and vote now.


Just sayin’


Who the fuck would go there anywho

I went once cause some one gave me a 5 buck gift card



They provide a quiet oasis for weary road warriors. Ie outside sales representatives


They keep it in the oven too long.:slightly_smiling_face:


go to dunkin’, they don’t mind.


SB don’t mind if yer white - ya could take yer laptop and get free wi-fi fer an hour b4 you buy - keyword WHITE

so some of the comments say

If I need free net I go to the shoppers


if i had a coffee shop, i wouldn’t want a bunch of freeloaders hanging around. but if you need to take a quick piss, knock yourself out.


Clearly, you didn’t bother to read the article. SMH


If they’re going to arrest people for being stupid enough to go there, they should start with all the white hipsters who take five minutes to order a cup of “coffee.”


How would you know this - you don’t really go there? Not my L_B - Please say you don’t


You know - Afrocentrist coffee-ers.


yeah i did. you just want everything to be about race, cuz youre the worst kind of racist. you think the negro cant speak for or act for himself. you think he needs you.



PS: of course - we haven’t any black posters here, so…


I don’t drink coffee at all. But I have gone into the place with friends on several occasions. The orders they place make me laugh.


Link? LMAO

You are a terrible mind reader. Don’t ever try to do it for a living.


They got arrested because the guy they were waiting for showed up late? Huh?