My neighbor made a vid clip


I’m trying to help it circulate.


All of the years I’ve been choosing my own clips to watch and now this - being forced to watch this clip by the board clipnazi. :cry:


Thanks fer the bump.


I thought it was great. Thanks for sharing!


Point of info, please: Is your neighbor the artist, or the filmaker, or…?


He is the slender dude (Lyrical Nomad) who does most of the vocal, except for roughly 2:00 to 3:00 when he is joined by the more seasoned rapper (Victorious King.) It’s also his concept and production, done with some help from friends.


Well I’m not watching it. I do not appreciate being told what to watch by vidclip nazis.


The key words in this dispute are “Do” and “instructed.” Those with ears to hear, let them hear.


Comedy - mocking your faux rage, Spoon.
Careful now - remember my very serious threat - there ARE waaays…MMMMWAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAH


I doubt anyone bothers to read these periodic exchanges we have, Krapper. They are like limpid popcorn farts, after all.

But you really should relax your sense of melodrama about them. No matter how tellingly I may skewer you, I am at all times the most serene individual you’ve ever known.


Oh sure - I mean, your serene is the biggest serene the world has ever seen. :laughing:

O, BTW - I will be ordering that Alzheimers book. When I have finished with it I will send it on to you. My gift, old pal. :wink:

That would be good for you considering what an ass you make of yourself. :laughing:


Sounds good.

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20012


Oh dear, you are further along than I thought. Hey, you know - you could have been a character in King of Hearts, maybe a yellow wig and orange face paint, Genevieve Bujold’s suitor perhaps?


I read them :smiley: