My Boar Bristle Nail Brush is


out for delivery. Very exciting. :smiley:


Thrilling - such stress on the ol ticker


You should look up the effect of clean nails on serum Albumin levels, and Albumin on general health, cancer rates etc.

…and it just arrived in all its awesomeness. :smile:


My nails are in the top .001 percent of all males


Hi, I’m Madge, did you know you were soaking your fingers in dishwashing detergent?


Jesus. You are so excitable.



why do you hate hygiene?


Awww, Joe wants to meat-shield for Holliday.

Or meat-something for him…


Seriously - do your research on the clean undernails/Albumin connection.


Oh, that’s cute, you think that’s what I was talking about.


Okay - fine. I try to help you people
…offer you the gift of good health, and this is what I get. :frowning_face:

PS: Looove the boar bristle. Can’t wait to get into work Monday and check my undernails with the microscope.