Misogyny and patriarchy humor (no rape please, it's not funny.)



Has anyone else noted that the imperative mood in English often has indistinct boundaries?

I have – especially compared to, say, Latin.


Fix it, then.


I doubt it’s the sort of thing one can fix, unless BD6 comes up with an Occam’s Razor.


No, see, I was using the imperative as a, well, um, never mind…


Yes, I noticed.

Just trying to help.


The pic and “joke” in the OP is what I found so offensive about this thread. Perhaps now, with the hindsight bestowed upon you all by the revelations of rampant sexual harrassment in this country, you might revisit my reaction to that reprehensible “joke” in the OP.


That this thread is un-PC has already been noted. However, the CBT tradition has been simply to abandon threads that reach such a status due to changing social mores (or to actively lampoon or parody them) and wait for the next server blowup to set things right.

If you’re advocating some other course, I suggest that it’s an administrative matter better taken up with one of the admins.


I didn’t necro it, did I?

“Un-PC” is an absurd euphamism for this bullshit.

God forbid “anyone” would apologize for misogynistic bs. And again, I am talking strictly about the op.








Why is every gender equality officer in a company female?

Because it is cheaper

I went to this cool new restaurant in Vegas, the server woman came out nude with the menu painted all over her body.

She asked if I was ready to order, I said “ I know what I want, but I just can’t put my finger on it.”


I was surprised to find that “Trailer Park Barbie” doesn’t come with bruising on her body

Then I realized battery not included


What a shitty thread.





You’re welcome Janice.