Many People Regularly Express


…their desire to see Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet in another movie together. I would like to see them in a remake of Topper or Heaven Can Wait. What about you? I realize that many don’t care, that’s OK too.




It wouldn’t be hard to top the original.:grin:


I’ve always thought the two of them in a reboot of Natural Born Killers, would be to die for.


Didn’t they do Revolution Road together a few years ago?


As long as I get to see tiddies.


I’ve always loved that about Kate.


Titanic is the last movie I saw either of them in.

No desire for a remake, she could’ve shared that door


Do you hate her because she threw those precious gems overboard?


No. That was my favorite part.


I’d love to see Topper redone with first-rate writers and directors.


I would love to see it as well. It deserves a first rate remake.


That salted, below freezing water that that they were slashing around in(like it was summer camp) inside of the ship probably would have killed them within two minutes.