Is there a Political Humor thread? If so, I can't find it





Another way of making that ballot:

Vote for your preferred Republic:

  • Constitutional
  • Banana


Worth a repost. Note that the top row is downlevel but can only increase; note which rows have larger numbers.


Ya see wimmins is too emotional for the job…









“Will eat a bug, on live teevee in your defense!”




Did you see any of the vid or pics, of the Finnish President, he looked like he just woke up in OZ except instead of Dorothy he meets the shitgibbon of the east. And then the Donald tried to grope the President of Finland.

This guy probably has 5 Ph’D’s, speaks 14 languages and thinks in Partical Physics, Then there’s Trump





Oak, your URL signature on the video expired. I think this is a common problem with stuff lifted from FB.


It’s the prime minister of Iceland commenting on his visit with Trump.


Seems it’s actually a Rob Paulsen, an American comedian and Voice Actor. But it felt real after seeing the vid of that news conference where Trump went over the top during his hourly airing of grievances.


Oh damn, I got trolled. lololol