In the wake of tragedy,


the best thing as The People that we can do… is donate blood.

Go donate blood.
Picture below is a hospital in Las Vegas following last night’s attacks.


Blood drive at my work tomorrow. I will be there. All, please join.


Local blood drive is closed Sunday and Monday, but I’ve called and reserved a position.

As an O+ blood type, I’m atleast useful for something.


Due to my love of Vietnamese food, my friend tells me I must be an inverted banana (white outside but yellow inside). I believe him because my blood type is of course A+.


Hey I’m an A Pos too! A Pos’s rule!


I’ve been called A Pos but they always seemed angry when they said it.


I’m O- but because I have MS, they won’t allow me to donate.




Duh, it’s right there…


Why doesn’t that allow you to donate?


I need to return the Likes for the referenced post, it wasn’t a blood drive, it was flu shots. I promise to go donate soon.

I did get my shot, if I catch the autisms, nobody can tell anyway…


I donate blood.
I don’t get the flu shot.


TBH, I had long ago assumed that was the case. (Not that there’s anything wrong with it)


I don’t do either.

I did donate blood for a long time, but because I had had basal cell skin cancer the ARC deemed me unfit to donate.


Family member hemoglobin level is too low, she can’t donate either. :frowning:




I had a basal, am I not supposed to donate?


Honestly, idk?