If ya missed Borowitz


…and cuz it’s a slow day


Oh, wow. I hope we win the suit! I could use the 130k!


It would beat hell out of all the hand wringing and whimpering Six has to go thru for the few bucks he might make. And we can do it just lazing around the crib and scratching our butts.


So, men who didn’t have sex with Trump are in on this? That seems, well, a little weird…


Well, you have to remember that pissing on him (or not) is also a form of having sex, in his world anyway.


Oh, and this just in…



Alright, alright. In the service of humanity, I’ll take back what I said before. I WOULD sleep with Trump, once only, if it were guaranteed to get him impeached (and I got a very nice payout).


I admit, I’m speechless.


How “very nice”?

Just askin.


I wouldn’t take less than a million for coupling with that animal.