I is takin the kiddies caving



I hope none of the boys got pregnant


Trump should send in the Maureen Core Seals

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Thai boys ‘could be in cave for months’ - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-44692813


Thanks fer that -

That’s crazy

great way to spend summer vacation

I hope the provide x-boxes and smartphones for gaming



wait fer the movie

idiots are gona get rich



It was such a great idea to take kids into a cave during monsoon season. What could go wrong?


What the fuck parent would allow this -

I hope they had real lights and not kmart junk like doc likes

caving lights are high cost and the serious cavers build their own - failure is not an option

And how the fuck did lights last ten days - something fishy here


You shud have at least two of these and some other backups



Elon is gona fetch them out that cave



Godspeed. I hope they’re successful.


Diver dead cause of asshole coach


It was the smart brilliant 25 yr old coach that led them into the cave.

I bet he could outrun us by a mile, but then he’s a 25 yr old dumbass that has these kids on the brink of dying.

Bet anyone over 30 would have thought that through a bit more.


I think they should have gone camping in a war zone - Syria maybe





Or something safe like HALO Jumping.


The man who gave his life


Yep, about 45 not a 25 year old dumbass that gets them into caves. Died trying to make up for the dumbfuck’s mistake.


Unfortunately the better man didn’t make it out.



Elon Musk has sent some SpaceX and Boring Co engineers to see if they can help formulate a way to get them out.