Hoods and Earmuffs?


@comeatmebro, I think this is technically an excessive use of force under color of law enforcement. I hope there are lolsuits.



Your link provides pics and tweets.
The protestors should be sued or deported with the illegals.

Here’s the real story:


Sorry, but that is the COVER story.

Protesters EXPECTED to get arrested. That’s what happens when you do a peaceful civil protest. Show me the statute that provides for nonviolent protest being grounds for a civil suit, and I’ll kiss your ass. Show me the statute that provides authority to deport protesters who are US citizens, and I’ll kiss your ass after giving you two hours to draw a crowd of spectators.

Or alternatively, DON’T show me the statutes and YOU can kiss MY ass while you retire from my thread. :rofl:

Meanwhile, you’re free to address the question I raised in the OP, namely whether or not the hooding and ear muffing of a couple of elderly protesters constituted an excessive use of force by police.


I must not have had the radio on the last couple days, very strange procedure. Are they warming up for “Extreme Renditions”?


It wasn’t peaceful, they were chained together.
The hoods and earmuffs were to protect them while the bindings were removed. M

Now you can kiss my ass.


LOL, wut?


Statute please?

I suggest you look up “peaceful” in the nearest dictionary.



WTFF (wut the fucking fuck)


Why were peaceful protesters being removed and arrested? The protesters intentionally used “sleeping dragons”.


WTF is a Sleeping Dragon?


I’m not sure either, but I think it might be a Pokemon thing.


It’s in the article, it’s a type of binding the protesters used made of metal.


So, it’s a violent act to bind yourself to a fixed object with a chain, a bike lock, duct tape, etc? Really, a violent act?

Since you couldn’t or wouldn’t explain “sleeping dragon” I looked it up. The common element is PVC pipe. Very violent stuff, that’s why they use it for plumbing drains. Hello, it’s plastic. PolyVinyl Chloride.


If you read the article, you read about the “sleeping dragon”.


Is that the new Bruce Lee movie?


Is that your humor?


Yes and thank you for noticing. Not everyone “gets it”


What you are calling a civil protest could be seen as “obstruction of justice” and I’ll be fucked if I’m going to wade through American law to dig up the statute on it.

I don’t know about the US, but in Canada you can look up charges against people.

The hoods and muffs - meh.


Sorry, that dog won’t hunt. Save your time looking it up.


Why not?