Harry Anderson, not Mike Pence or Donald Trump or Jeff Sessions


Harry Anderson.

Harry Anderson, the amiable actor who presided over the NBC comedy “Night Court” for nine seasons, has died at his home in Asheville, N.C., according to a local media report. He was 65.

Anderson was found at his home by police officers early Monday morning, according toa report by WSPA-TV, the CBS affiliate in Greenville, N.C. No foul play was suspected, police told the station.



that’s really sad. He was funny and very accomplished magician.


Damn Oregon Hippy!


Wot did he do to the Clintons?


And, I think, younger than all the fuckbuckles in the subject line.

I like that he left Hollywood to start a magic club and do stand up.


He said in an interview in i think 04 that he felt like the luckiest man alive, being able to just do the magic tricks he’s been practicing since he was a kid, a quote or maybe a paraphrase of his “Corporate gigs, 55 minutes including applause and $20,000 thank you very much.”