Get rid of Cruz, send Beto to Washington


Dayum, I may have to send Beto a Hamilton, or maybe even a Jackson.


Love it. (Even if they’re “trolling”)


I think it may be real.


I think so too, not that you can really tell, but they don’t “look” like trolls. I know this beautiful 50ish auburn haired english nurse practitioner married to a Chemical Engineer that drives around with a liar in chief bumper sticker on her Rav4, she just moved and her new neighbor lady came over to express her concern over the bumper sticker, since yanno Trump was ordained by god and all, Gwen told her point blank that was bullshit and then the lady told her “I’ll pray for you” Gwen responded with “Science has proven the ineffectiveness of intercessional prayer, so don’t do it on my behalf” She’s funny and she speaks with a very charming accent that sounds more Irish than English.(all the guys love her)






Not sure I am all that comfortable about vigilante mob justice, but when it comes to a douche like Cruz, I don’t lose any sleep over it. Tbh, I even chuckled a bit.



And added, “those are his best attributes.”