Gallerist arrested for installing 700 pound heroin spoon in front of Oxy maker's building


The powers that be were not amused.


That was a spoonful of sugar in my eyes.



but I’ve been prescribed oxycontin 5 or 6 times and never used it past the prescription.



Good for you.

Are you sure it’s not lithium?




I’m not one that gets addicted to opiates easily either but some people just seem to be more susceptible to opiate addiction and for no real apparent reason either.


It seems to be hereditary, atleast from my experience


I smoked crack a few times in the 80’s, it didn’t do much for me and the people involved creeped me out.


I’ve never smoked crack, I’ve snorted coke a few times but never been hooked on it either… I like to smoke though so maybe smoking crack would be my thing, I think I’ll stick to pot though…

Nowdays I know everything except weed is really awful for ya, so I stick to the pot and fuck all that other shit… maybe a psychedelic experience once in a blue moon if I can find it and the time for it.