"Death should be a right for any sane human."


what I eat, and even better after I stopped eating meat entirely.


It means terrible. Who would want to eat a shit sandwich?


I got that part but there’s so many ways in can be terrible, like mine attacks me so it’s almost too good for itself kind of thing. That’s likely different from your shit sandwich.


I didn’t explain because there are way too many symptoms. My system can’t handle bacteria. Most people can eat dairy and meat without getting sick – I can’t. But bacteria are in everything and are everywhere, so I get a whole host of weird reactions. Chronic bronchitis, Epstein’s Barr, migraines, inflammatory issues that can crop up anywhere. I’m sorry. I get bored and aggravated talking about it.


I totally understand not wanting to talk about it. I appreciate you explaining. That sounds a lot like what my mom has so she went on a low amine diet and things have seemed to really improve.

I’m sorry this is happening to you.


Thanks. I am sorry for your issues, too. It’s a burden to be sure.


It’s just frustrating because they seem to know damn near nothing about these immune disorders.


That’s why I gave up on doctors and decided to heal myself. I have had better results on my own.


I’m starting to get to that point as well.