"Death should be a right for any sane human."


That’s good, because I’m tired of feeding your Troll.


I think the only real way to solve this dispute is to ask rancid if I accurately articulated his view. My guess is - I did not.


It’s not a dispute any longer for me, but knock your socks off.


Why are people here so morbid and obsessed with death?

Me? I want to clone 5 of me. Sure, you stumble now and then but basically I think that life is a wonderful trip.



I’m in damn near constant pain. The thought of death brings comfort. I’m okay with that being obsessively morbid. :slight_smile:


I am sorry that you are in such constant pain. I hope that you will find relief soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have had some major issues in my past but life is somewhat better now.


I’m glad to hear it got better for you. I’m still working on getting myself all sorted. I’m a nervous wreck - literally :smiley:


Who was I arguing with? Your statement as though of fact, is just another example of your incessant trolling that we have grown tired of.


Kinda like saying “I do not troll”.


Incessant trolling? By Lotus? Wtf are you on about?




^^^^^and yet another example.


Me, too. I have a shit sandwich of an immune system. I’m in near constant low-level pain, with periodic debilitating flare-ups. My only relief is when I am on a very rigid anti-inflammatory diet with targeted herbal, etc supplementation. With work, exhaustion, and simple human desires, it’s very hard to keep to that insane diet on a daily basis, though. When I do, it’s pretty good.

Because of it, though, I thoroughly understand why someone in pain might want to friggin die.


Yes - your incessant trolling must be hard work, and exhausting.

One thing which never seems exhausted is examples of your trolling. There is a never ending supply offered up.


I was so sick and in so much pain in 2016 that a few times I wished I would die just for some relief, thankfully though I didn’t since I’m much better now.


So many of us suffer from this shit because our food sources and our environment have been utterly contaminated by profiteers with no conscience.


Hon, you’re spinning your wheels in the mud and thinking you’re getting somewhere. Just walk away from this one. It’s a dud.




May I ask what changed for you?


What does that mean? Is it a shitty one or too good or broken? I don’t know what something being a shit sandwich means.