Dear North Korea, it's President Trump


This satirical piece really has the Trumptards worked up! LOL


Man they’re really angry… waiting for them to declare a Jihad on Yahoo! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this is the most angry I’ve seen them… most of them can’t even comprehend that it’s satire. lmfao


They are sooooo triggered. I hope they’re all wearing Depends so they don’t make a mess.


They’re melting down big time over this, and again half of them don’t understand what satire is… these idiots are calling it “Fake News.” LMFAO

Saw a lot of Trumptards making threats at the writer Matt Bai today…


If you haven’t, you should.


One could literally spend an entire day, every day reporting Trumpturds for this kind of shit… I doubt if hardly any of them ever get out of the trailer park though to cause any real harm. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yahoo is still running this off and on at the top of their news page, they’re still mad as hell… lmfao


Goddamn cucks.


lol top story on yahoo again today… the top featured article, conz still melting down.