Beautiful Earth thread


Sparks Lake.


Alsea River

There’s a video of this Bear, taken from the photographers Boat, but it’s a closed FB group, so I don’t think any of y’all can see the vid.

Unless one of youse knows how to “hack” fb videos


On the Playa



Morning on the Siuslaw




After Multnomah Falls up in the Gorge, this is probably the 2nd most photographed view in Oregon.

Mt. Hood From Lake Trillium


Extremely rare atmospheric phenomenon called rainbow bridge or circumhorizontal arc: when the sun is at least 58º above horizon and ice crystals in clouds form rainbows

Learn more:
(No Rick Astley material was used in making this link)


Atop Cape Perpetua, on the Central Orygun Coast.

Kick ass view up and down the coast.

Yoinked from the facebooks.

And just below it is Thors Well, this pic is from my personal collection.



Illilouette Fall by Patrick Prager, May 2018

Happy #TravelTuesday, #Yosemite lovers! Have you seen this breathtaking view from the Panorama Trail?⁣⁣








Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher




I have a couple hummingbirds that live very close by, I see them flitting back and forth, occasionally on my deck scouting my flowers, and once or twice I have seen one on my Bird Bath or buzzing the fir trees up above, but do they ever go feed at the hummingbird feeder I shelled out some cash for? Noooo! I have never seen a hummingbird feeding off my feeder, nor have my neighbors on theirs, it just ain’t right.

eta, and yet my hummingbird feeder occasionally runs out…the plot thickens.




A Giant “swirl” of pollen on Crater Lake.


I was last at Crater in '09 and I remember remarking on the pollen on the lake. It wasn’t swirling tho, that’s pretty cool


I’d never heard of these swirls before, but I guess it is a thing that happens once in a while, the wind and air temps at the right time of year etc