Almost 60k died last year



Sounds like we better start cracking down on medical marijuana!



Most of the deaths are from opioids, of course.


Fentanyl is causing havoc here.


Every drug death is self inflicted.

Fact :slight_smile:


That’s it, we have to outlaw abortion!


That’s such a simplistic, pre-pubescent way to look at the issue. Sad. And sick!


Sad but true.


No, he’s correct.

My husband had a 2.5 hour shoulder surgery, shaved his bone, on a Friday, he was off pain meds that Monday. He had to wear that obnoxious arm/shoulder cast for 6 weeks, then physical therapy.

We returned the remaining pain pills to the pharmacy to be destroyed.


So this explosion in opiate addiction is just a sudden unexplained increase in personal moral failings?



He had his surgery in 2015.
(Oops. 2012!)


You should send them thoughts and prayers.




Consuming drugs is usually a choice. Exception being those who have drugs administered to them. The reasons people choose to use drugsand continue to use drugs is a lot more complicated.


That’s where this epidemic is starting, at the Dr.s office. It’s not like a wide cross section of America decided opiate addiction was cool.


Ah, of course. Everyone who isn’t just like your husband is a failure.

DM was in a serious car accident. He ended up hooked on opioids, I believe he said for years. I guess he was just a moral failure.

You know, you don’t get to judge everyone else on the planet by the very narrow measuring stick of your own personal experience.

It is nice that you’re tolerant enough to be in a gay marriage, though. :clap:


I’m not in a gay marriage.

That’s extremely disrespectful of you speaking of DM.


Oh bullshit. Addicts doctor shop.


Why is that?