They can’t keep these in stock.

You can definitely taste the weed but it’s mild.


How much are one of those?


Here, $12/brick


Not too bad I guess but you could get about 8 of them out of a gram of hash oil if you made them yourself which isn’t rocket science.


I wonder what a gram of hash oil costs?

Also while you’re here, WTF are “Phoenix Tears”?


TBH, I wasn’t very impressed, from what I’d read I thought a n00b to extractions, that it would hit me “harder” not so much, some reviews I read of it on various drug addict web sites, I expected it to be almost like a hit of mild acid. I’ll try it again sometime, maybe a different brand tho.


A gram of shatter should run $50 or less… I wouldn’t pay anymore than $50 and it better look and smell nice for that much.

Phoenix Tears is probably an RSO type thing, they do a long soak in everclear or food grade ethanol (hopefully) and then cook off most of the alcohol and end up with a dark gooey oil. The long heat process probably converts a lot of the THC to CBN.


Try 75-100mg next time of a different brand.


I’m going to strongly advise against that much but it’s not going to kill you so maybe you should just give’r. The worst that’s ever happened to me is I felt really shitty and had to lay down for 10 minutes hahaha