I just looked at the website for the local dope dealer they have 34 mg thc gummies for a fiver. According to the stranger that should make for a pleasant evening of zoning out to a movie or what ev.

Thoughts, hopes, dreams?

No h8t.


I’m hoping it’s legalized in Idaho before too long. I’ve never indulged, but I would like to try it. Something to take the edge off and zone out in my happy place.

Then there is my Triple Chocolate Brownie recipe. I wonder how it would work if laced with some greenery.


I think you have too many conservative types over there in North Utah, doncha?


Honey, here they make conservatives look like liberals! But we’re getting so much spill-over from Washington, it might happen sooner than they’d like.


34mg is a good dose if you’re not a regular consumer, it’s a start for me. :slight_smile:

Here’s the thing with edibles, you could go get you a gram of oil for probably 30-40 bucks that’s 70-80% THC which means a gram is going to contain 700-800mg of THC. You take that in throw it on a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet in the oven for 40 minutes at 240F to activate the psychoactive properties, then you can melt some gummies and stir your oil in, melt it into a little coconut oil and make capsules, or melt it into some butter and make cookies… Don’t bake or heat any edibles over 300F when making them or you’ll cook off the THC.


Also when melting the oil into things it’s good to use the double boiler method, I usually do it in a glass pyrex measuring cup in a pan of barely boilng water.


I just want to live in a sane world/country/state where I can load my pipe and relax, let the smoke open the doors of perception.


Just ate some gummy candy I had in the fridge, had a big piece off a block of it, already feel it kicking in, smoked half a joint too.


The little cutey who claimed experience highly encouraged me to do only 2 or 3 servings, theoretically they sell these little circles of gummy about the size of a 50 Cent piece as 10 servings, so I I consumed about half of one, or roughly 16 or 17 mgs of Mind Altering THC, I have thrown my car keys on the roof and hand cuffed myself to the bed in case I goes completely Werewolf of London Insane…It’s been a bit over an hour, I think I might be starting to feel something…


Just eat the whole thing…


I think I’m going to


I don’t really feel the edibles that much when I’m on them, I judge how high I get off of them by how high as fuck I wake up the next morning still. hahaha


You should have access to cheap hash oil though too right, C02 oil, BHO, rosin, shatter, etc. get ya a gram of that and make a tincture… just activate it as I described above and then dissolve it in some everclear or bacardi 151… get an amber dropper bottle off ebay… then you can just dose your drinks, bottle lasts me quite awhile because I don’t do it all the time…


Just threw a few droppers in my sparkling water, unlike the edibles, the alcohol tinctures seem to deliver it directly to the blood stream, kicks in fast.


I think I ingested over 100mg in edible form…been awhile… if you start to feel like you’re dying just go lay down. lol


34mg is a good dose? That would stone out a fucking polar bear!

I take 15mg of edibles and I am off my damn face. My usual dose is 10mg. I wouldn’t recommend anything more than 5mg for a beginner to start.


I should also note, the only edibles I find to be “great” are the Twisted Extracts Jelly and ZZ Bombs. They look like Lego bricks…

So each “dot” on a brick is about 10mg. They come in THC, CBD, and a hybrid.

Honestly @Billdo, I wish I could mail you a couple so you could say how good they are. If it wasn’t so damn illegal, I’d do it.

Anyway, these are really the only edibles that taste decent and fuck me up.


There are different methods of extracting and making edibles, I’m guessing those have straight up hash oil/shatter in them.


I don’t know but I know the other brand they carry, Mota, doesn’t have nearly the kick the Twisted Extract ones do.


If there’s no weed taste at all they might be using THC distillate… my gummies have a not so desirable hash oil taste but they’re potent.

Also I hear a lot of dispensary/weed store edibles are weaker than advertised. Plus I don’t like stale edibles, best option is to make them yourself out of shatter.