A shitty day in Paradise



I saw a headline yesterday saying that fire was growing something like 50 football fields every minute.


That’s just over a 3-minute mile, just under 20 mph. Hard to outrun that shite.


Can we get a little rain?


I have a pal in Chico, a paraplegic. Last night he posted that the evac zone was a mile off.


A girlfriend of ours who moved to LA awhile back posted a video of her driving towards a big fire to get to work…





Is that your friend?


yeah, she’s cute AF…




This is just not even remotely funny. I was going to come here and post a picture of Trump Jr on the stump saying police believe they’ve found who started it. I’ve been seeing more and more on it and it’s just not something to post humor about.

Unless it consumes Mar-A-Lago


I’m old enough to remember a board where a mod would have blamed this on niggers.




In case anyone was wondering this fire is because of the worst mismanagement ever seen before. per Dear Leader.


Sometimes a tragedy brings people together.

California fires do the unthinkable: Bring James Woods and Alyssa Milano together






But muh caravan invasions of doom!


“Yes ma’am, we believe our power lines are arcing on your property” (the day before ignition)
Now will we see a Corporation sentenced to death?