A "pop" thread for Six






Do you call it pop

When I lived in Minnesota they called it pop

In PA they have no idea what POP is


Hay Billdo, where didja put the IRONY font?

Edit to add: No, down here it’s SODA, an upgrade from my formative years when the early settlers from Appalachia called it SODEE. But half of the state, mostly the part in Chi and the collar counties, do call it POP.


CT calls it soda as well. Down South it is frequently called Coke. They think you are weird if you call it soda.

Some store clerk practically started laughing at me when I asked if his store carried glass wax.:rofl:

PS-I don’t know if they still make glass wax.


No streak or regular?



I’ll will have to check a can. I use the dusty one.:slightly_smiling_face:


Fucking buying cleaner is stupid

1/2 water 1/2 alcohol
3 drops of dish detergent

good as anything storebought and almost free

same with dishwasher

baking soda and salt does better then anything - almost free

thank me later or not at all


Hmmm, tough call there.


It’s fuckin’ soda.


You’re from Warshington, so shaddup!


My mom says Warsh and it bothers me so much. Lol


My Step Mom does too. and a Couple other ladies I know, or knew up there.


Go to MN and ask for soda and they will look at you like ET landed in front of them


You forget, Duke. Boro’s view is the only view.


Yeah, that


I remember the day in Boot when they ran us through a couple “Respecting cultural differences” classes, the Chief running the first class opened with a little speech about slang and how it can vary from region to region as well as occupation etc, he asked for a show of hands if anyone was was the Atlanta area, our Company pretty boy raises his hand. “Recruit what do you’r buddies call looking for girls on a friday night?” Pretty boy looks embarrassed and then says “We always called it gettin’ some cock” The Rest of the class laughs hysterically at the preversions of Atlanta boy.


Did they have pop jerks?