500 point drop in 3 mins


8:30 to 8:33



BD Six. I’ll be working tonight - earning a living. Big Villanova/Providence game tonight. Can I count on you to call it for me? I know how people love to have the big games called for them on the board.

Also - look for my soon to be thread on freezing rain of last night. It’s something that the working man can understand since it has impact for him/her in the working life.


Yeah ice

I got lots

almost went on my ass a couple times

And as far as yer game - talk to the other six bout that



Yeah - I know I’m the only working person here. That was the joke.
…but seriously, I had to park my car on the highway for over an hour last night waiting for the salters to come and fix the road because it was a sheet of ice. Trucks and cars stranded everywhere. Of course there were some yeee-haaawwws in them there rear wheel drive pick up trucks trucks attempting to get over the hill and sliding backwards. Everything glazed. Cars encased in ice. I only saw one trailor off the road so we were lucky overall. Got home safe.




Be careful! You don’t want to break any bones at your age.:slightly_smiling_face:


So, when I get up at 5:30 am and go to work every day, that’s me not working? OK.


It’s the robots. Spooky times.:confounded:


You’re shitting with that, right?


I got a copy for my Catholic school graduation.


Trolling ain’t a real job no matter how early you get up, honey.


Have a great day at work Doc!


I just got back - haven’t slept yet.


Ah nightshift. How’s that working out for you?


I wish I was.


…but the company I work for has very strange shifts so the early shifts are actually too early, so…


You guys could start your own board. Call it The Dead Angels Society.


I like it!