2017 - Mindless Killing Machine


This one is a community service too.


It could be rolled into next year, of course, but there would have to be a CBT 2018 edition, and an interest on my part to continue it. I can guarantee at least one of those conditions will not be met.


Dangit, I blinked.


Charles Manson 83 YoA


If this is too much I’ll delete it. (Very graphic Tate murder scene photo)


Maybe yuo should consider relabeling your thread to NSFW.

Just a thought.


Just weird:


I thought that was your job.
…or theR’s


Only if you are too clueless to do it. But your comment indicates that you’re aware it crosses a line.


You have to click the link knowing what you will see.


Della Reese - 86 YoA

Della Reese told one of the most off-color, make you uncomfortable, jokes ever on late night tv. Can’t remember the show - probably Carson.

Tells the story about how she was dating a man who worked with fish in a market. They went to dinner one night, he had not cleaned up well, and she noticed the waiter sensing the fish odor. Punch line (really like a punch in the face of good taste) “He probably thought it was me”.


Loved her singing in the fifties and sixties.

Also loved her in Harlem Nights.


RIP Della

(edit: got a little misty listening to this on this day)


Grim Reaper on a roll.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky - 55 YoA

Pete Moore - 78 YoA

David Cassidy - 67 YoA



Jon Hendricks - 96 YoA


Jim Nabors - 87 YoA



I didn’t realize he was still among us.


Johnny Hallyday - 74 YoA


A relation?