Is Argentina the Next Country to Legalize Marijuana?

by on December 27, 2013

Legalizing weed is officially the “cool” thing to do. It’s become vogue, thanks to some forward thinking countries and nations. Colorado and Washington set the tone. Then good old Sanjay Gupta told the truth. Then Uruguay went full legal and will sell grams for a dollar. Even gang-riddled Mexico has had serious legalization talks. Hell, even the United Kingdom is talking about making ecstasy legal.

But what will be the next bold country to legalize? You don’t need to look to far past Uruguay, as its South American neighbor Argentina has begun serious discussions about legalization. No doubt witnessing Uruguay’s recent, historical development first hand–and seeing the national attention (see: country of the year) and respect Uruguay has garnered– Argentina government sounds pretty serious about making this cannabis plant legal.

Argentina’s new head of the “Secretariat for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking, Father Carlos Molina recently admitted it’s time to talk legalization–and the benefit it could have on the country’s economy and also eradicating drugs from the street level.

“Argentina deserves a good discussion of this. We have the ability to do so, we must not underestimate,” said Molina, in dialogue with Radio Del Plata, a week after President Cristina Kirchner will take oath as an officer.

With a nearby model (Uruguay) to emulate, Molina–basically Uruguay’s drug czar–has been tasked with devising a solution to clean up the nation’s drug policies:

“Cristina has asked me to change the look of Sedronar He said, ‘Get in prevention, we fill the Secretariat of young people working for the young, makes a cross in this to beat the drug,’” said Molina. According to the priest told the President wants to “get out the Sedronar the street, to intensify the work centers in both day and night and put the body in places where there is no support, where no other organizations involved.”

Or maybe they’re just seeking higher levels of performance for their soccer teams: the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks have had nearly undefeated home records since legalization.

Nonetheless, whether it’s Argentina, Mexico, or an oddball like China (they love their capitalism) legalizing weed next, expect more nations to take a close look at legalization, and at least make headlines for doing so.

Conclusion: the legal drug floodgates are about to burst open.

By Barry Poppins – Source: http://www.marijuana.com/news/2013/12/is-argentina-the-next-country-to-legalize-marijuana/